Sasha Shemirani | Narrative
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Morgan Feller (Elisha Galvan), a troubled young woman who endured many hardships as a child, suddenly finds herself in a precarious situation. After twenty-three years, the truth of her identity and past unexpectedly emerges, fueling her with hate, anger, and an unrelenting desire for vengeance.
RUNTIME: 1 min | DIRECTED BY: Sasha Shemirani
STARRING: Ashley Bailey

A day spent in the beautiful landscape of Boulder, CO.
RUNTIME: 9 mins | DIRECTED BY: Sasha Shemirani | WRITTEN BY: Sasha Shemirani & Bentley Michaels STARRING: Bentley Michaels, Matthew Perlmutter, Bram Hoover, and Kali Cook

What if Superman, Batman and Spiderman got together on a regular basis and played poker? How would they really act? Are these superheroes as noble as they're portrayed, or do they abuse their powers, leading salacious and gluttonous lifestyles?
RUNTIME: 19 mins | DIRECTED BY: Sasha Shemirani | WRITTEN BY: Sasha Shemirani
STARRING: Matthew Perlmutter, Kristen Ruhlin, Alex C. Ferrill, Robert Spencer, and Jordana Oberman

Call it an off-beat dark comedy, or even a modern day version of the "Jack and Jill" nursery rhyme, Up the Hill follows a young couple as they venture throughout New York City, finding the most applicable way of committing suicide?
RUNTIME: 14 mins | DIRECTED BY: Sasha Shemirani | WRITTEN BY: Kali Cook
STARRING: Kali Cook, Reuben Turner, Alex Wolfe, Eryn Joslyn, Bram Hoover, Joshua Christian and Jay Gilbert

Jack and Charlotte have a fight. Jack and Charlotte break up. It's what happens in the forty hours before the making up that sheds light on the hilarious differences between guys and girls. Are women just emotional tantrum throwers? Do men really "not care?" And just how much trouble can be caused in 40 hours?